Blaize Castle: The Novel


castlecoverBlaize Castle:The Novel is Ross's newest book, following the adventures of Heather McMarley who has returned from her summer vacation at the Adobe Castle Hotel with a tin ring and a promise. But her fiance has disappeared into the world of California film making and Rocky Mountain ski resorts, leaving her with only a blurred post card containing reference to a mysterious Blaise Castle. She embarks on a search to find him and the Castle which results in a strange odyssey, taking her across the country and into dangerous situations with quirky friends, a stalker, and an accusation of murder.

The cover of this paperback is taken from a watercolor by New Mexico artist Secundino Sandoval.

NOTE: Blaize Castle was nominated for a New Mexico Book Award in 2013.

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The Adobe Castle

The Adobe CastleA thrilling New Mexico Gothic Novel

A fast-moving quick read, The Adobe Castle is a modern gothic with northern New Mexico setting. The amusing characters are classic, the Southwest setting is realistic, and the ghost is historical. The book has been praised as smoothly written and wholesome, but also a literary spoof of the gothic format.

This book is scheduled to become a spooky western movie by Turner Productions of Santa Fe. See a humorous movie preview on YOU TUBE which won the Audience Appreciation Award from the Computer Users Group in Santa Fe.

NOTE: The Adobe Castle movie is set to start filming in the summer of 2014.

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Sotherton Abbey

Sotherton AbbeyA sweet story for fans of Jane Austen and New Mexico --Joan Ray, Author of Jane Austen for Dummies; University of Colorado

Brew a pot of Earl Grey and enjoy a green chile scone while you savor the pages of Jane Austen's culture set in the sage of the Southwest. Ross brews up a delight for the Regency reader's imagination. --Maryjane Giesler, Professor of English, University of New Mexico

This book was a finalist in the New Mexico Book Awards.

Christina Dashwood leaves her Michigan farm home for the first time to attend a pre-college seminar in the Southwest. After an eventful train ride on the Santa Fe Trail, she is befriended by a wealthy ranching family and endures the culture shock of New Mexico, the deception of first impressions, and the puzzlement of a family mystery. The search for her true hero becomes an amusing summer adventure. Delicate, yet dashing, the story will appeal to readers of all ages.

NOTE: Sotherton Abbey was nominated for a New Mexico Book Award in 2010.

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Persuaded, a Great Lakes Story

PersuadedJane Austen style novel set in Michigan

Persuaded echoes the plot of Jane Austen's Persuasion, reshaping the characters for modern day with the setting of Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Mackinac Island.

This paperback novel is endorsed by the late Tony Hillerman. The cover is from a watercolor by Secundino Sandoval. For the book description substitute: If you've read Austen's Persuasion you'll recognize the same names of the protagonists here, but they've been transported from 18th Century England to 20th Century Michigan in the Upper Peninsula and on Mackinac Island.The additional characters and humorous tone create a completely different outcome.

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Without a Wagon

Without a WagonThe year was 1996. Three semi-retired women, looking for a challenge, decided to hike the Santa Fe Trail, the first trading route in 1821 that had linked the state of Missouri to the City of Santa Fe in what was then a foreign country. What began as a lark grew into a serious quest to walk the entire 800 miles from Santa Fe to Franklin, Missouri.

This is the completed story of their trek as revealed in the log of their six-times-a-year hikes and in the articles written for the local newspaper. History buffs and Trail aficionados will enjoy this account of their adventures.

The book includes poetry and song lyrics composed by the hikers, plus photos and information about the Santa Fe Trail Association.

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Perilous Pursuit on the Santa Fe Trail

perilousA Female Sherlock on the Santa Fe Trail

Check out Perilous Pursuit on the Santa Fe Trail, a fiction adventure covering modern Trail sites as well as some real persons, including Marc Simmons. Fictional character Sheila Jones, the modern counterpart of Sherlock Homes, and her trusty assistant Dora Watling are trying to protect a young client from an evil stepfather as he leads them in a risky game along the Trail toward a dangerous rendezvous in Santa Fe.

You'll laugh at Sheila Jones. Sherlock Holmes played the violin, but Sheila Jones pumps an old player piano! This book is a hardcover edition with cover illustration by Michigan artist D'Anne Andrykovich.

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The Strange Disappearance of Uncle Dudley

The Strange Disappearance of Uncle DudleyCharming historical fiction for children on the Manhattan Project

The Strange Disappearance of Uncle Dudley tells of the time in 1943 when the world was embroiled in warfare and scientists were called to a secret place to work on a project which helped end the war and changed the world forever. This charming and historical fiction book for children features archival and modern photos of the Manhattan Project era.

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The Bear and the Castle

bearCastleThe Bear and the Castle is a child's biography of James Oliver Curwood, who built Curwood Castle in Owosso, Michigan, and was one of the highest paid U.S. authors in the 20's. This photo-book tells of Curwood's encounter with a grizzly which changed his attitude toward wildlife and hunting.

A modern film, The Bear, is based on Curwood's novel The Grizzly King. Ross's true story of the encounter with the bear makes an inspiring story lesson for children. Black and white illustrations are from the archives at the Castle, and there are photos by the author.

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